Fine lingerie store in Gatineau

Fine lingerie store in Gatineau85 years of history

In 1930, the founder of the first lingerie store La Châtelaine would never have guessed that more than 85 years later, its name now being Mille et une nuits, La Châtelaine would still be a must for women looking for comfort, style and even allure. Today more than ever, this fine lingerie store offers a large selection of bras, swimsuits, sleepwear and leisurewear and post-mastectomy products or other breast surgery products.

As always, Mille et une nuits, La Châtelaine in Gatineau stands out thanks to its professional fitting room adjustment services. It’s the secret for comfort (and what makes the difference when comparing this experience with the purchase of a bra without the advice needed for a professional fit.)

We cannot overstate the importance of adjustments. Our consultants have over 65 years of combined experience with lingerie and offer professional and attentive services. Whether it’s to find the perfect bra, swimsuit or post-mastectomy product, you will quickly understand why our consultants are so well liked. After all, your lingerie shouldn’t just fit…it should fit perfectly! Hence the importance of being able to rely on a specialized consultant while in the fitting room and having adjustments made.

Our large selection of products, all from renowned collections, includes a wide range of bras with cup sizes from A to J, lovely swimsuits with varied cup sizes, sculpting lingerie including support garments, leisurewear, sleepwear and ready-to-wear clothing as well as post-mastectomy products.

Mille et une nuits, La Châtelaine is the only shop specializing in lingerie in the Outaouais. And our consultants would be pleased to meet the unique needs of each woman so that she feels beautiful, elegant, seductive and attractive!

Come see us and experience the professionalism of our store for yourself. More than 85 years of experience…you can count on us!

Our lingerie consultants

  • Danielle Lavigne

    danielle-lavigneDanielle has been working with fine lingerie since 1990. Impressive! For her, the world of lingerie is totally different from all other fields. This is especially true when a woman enters the store and doesn’t really know what she needs or what would suit her best. Her knowledge and credibility are a priceless combination for customers. “I treat every customer like my daughter or my mother, for whom I want the best”, she says passionately.

  • Micheline Labelle

    micheline-labelleIn the 1980s, Micheline Labelle discovered French imports. She then fell in love with lingerie. For 25 years, Micheline has loved her job and it’s not surprising that many customers come back for her advice… with their daughters! From the first moment, she makes her customers feel comfortable. “When you love your job, it shows and everyone in the store can sense the pleasure you derive from helping your customers”, she explains. In her opinion, women like to be beautiful and sexy, but more than anything they want to find the perfect fit and have it adjusted to fit comfortably.

  • Louise Bernier

    louise-bernier”Loulou” as she is known at the store, enters the boutique every morning grinning from cheek to cheek. She loves her job and she is a naturally helpful person. Perseverant, vibrant and patient, she knows how to help women of all ages. “What I enjoy is when a customer explains a problem and needs our help to find a solution. It may be an older client who doesn’t know quite what to wear or a woman who arrives at the store with a dress and we need to find the perfect undergarment to match it.” For five years, Loulou has loved to interact with customers.

  • Louise Sauriol

    louise-sauriolOver the years, Louise has been recognized for her work with community organizations. “It was her generous nature and her outreach work that prompted us to entrust her with our new in-home service for women who underwent surgery and women who cannot necessarily make their way to the store”, explains store manager Danielle Lavigne. It is for this reason that over the last few months, Louise has mastered the adjustments of post-surgery bras. The in-home adjustment service is also offered at residences and in the hospital for people with reduced mobility as well as seniors.

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