Just as beautiful day or night… seduce your significant other or feel comfortable in what you’re wearing …

You don’t have to choose between style and comfort, sleepwear and leisurewear has both. Whether you’re sculpted, shapely, curvy or simply feel good about yourself, there is a model that will suit you and that you make you feel confident – especially when you can choose between the many well-known collections offered by Mille et Une Nuits, La Châtelaine: Massana, Arianne, Christine, Ringella, Cybèle, Diamond Tea, Nanso, etc.

Lingerie and leisurewear have evolved a lot over the last few years. Nowadays, you can express your femininity and sensuality easily thanks to the large choice of delicate and sophisticated creations that are sure to please everyone’s taste.

Sleepwear also includes bathrobes, nighties and pyjamas. For more relaxing moments, we propose indoor outfits offering a modern and comfortable style with comfort that will envelop you. Do you like natural materials like modal cotton and silk? At Mille et Une Nuits, La Châtelaine we offer a large selection of exclusive sleepwear and leisurewear of excellent quality.


Just as beautiful day or night: seduce your significant other or simply feel good in what you’re wearing for the ultimate pleasure and comfort.

Surprise yourself…or surprise him!

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