Post-mastectomy external mammary prostheses

Helping women adjust to their new situation with panache and happiness!

The lingerie store Mille et Une Nuits, La Châtelaine in Gatineau offers clients who underwent breast surgery (partial surgery or mastectomy) external breast prostheses by Anita Care. Based on our years of experience and the expertise of our consultants, we promote Anita Care products. These products guarantee maximum quality and the assurance that we can find the best product for our clients: support, security and wellbeing.

The Anita external breast prosthesis gives a natural look and exceptional comfort. Any inequalities are concealed in a discrete way and the missing volume is perfectly compensated. Nothing compresses, nothing squeezes, thus avoiding irritations on sensitive skin.

All Anita Care external breast prostheses and compensation solutions fit with many bras and swimsuits.



Anita Care is the only manufacturer in the world to produce silicone breast prostheses with a breathable microfiber back. You will love them for so many reasons:

  • Natural and soft silicone for a pleasant feeling of security;
  • Material that adapts to body temperature;
  • The weight of silicone, softness and his behaviour at the swinging are very close to those of natural breasts;
  • An excellent skin tolerance.

Anita and Mille et Une Nuits, La Châtelaine: a dependable duo and advice you can trust. We want to help women adjust to their new situation with panache and happiness with the help of bras, one-piece swimsuits and bikinis that are perfectly adapted to their figures. We are well aware of your new needs and we have the experience and the technical knowledge to assist you.

Make an appointment at our store in Gatineau to shop for an external breast prosthesis.

Together, we can analyze your needs and your current situation.

  • Post-mastectomy products

    As mentioned above, we chose Anita Care products because they offer:

    • A unique technology that perfectly imitates the natural movement of the breast;
    • Perfect harmony between your bra and the prosthesis;
    • The sense of security and comfort you need.
  • Bras

    After breast surgery (partial surgery or mastectomy), women need specific help to understand their new reality: feeling good about yourself will lead to confidence. Because self-assurance is also about femininity, the Anita Care team integrates many elements into their bras (colours, patterns, lace, embroidery, ribbons, elastics).

  • Swimsuits

    For their swimsuits, the Anita team uses top-of-the-line materials, including microfibers and fabric made from LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, known for their lightness and durability. The prostheses remain perfectly invisible thanks to the material and unparalleled shaping. The swimsuits also offer a raised neckline to ensure a firm hold and to hide any scars, as well as side access to prosthetic pockets to swim with peace of mind.

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